Waveform commands:


Ctrl+Left Mouse Click
Set loop start point

Ctrl+Right Mouse Click
Set loop end point

Right Mouse Click
Set song position
(while in pause or play)

Query feature:

From this section is it possible to do a music search.

Doing an accurate search for Album or Track can result in a list of Tracks that can be send to tag list for tagging files.

Please notice that some search might throws an error because some criteria are required or must be void.
i.e. , MusicBrainz for its search does not usually want all three fields filled, so uncheck the relative text fields that are not necessary.

Tag feature:

How to tag files from the query result tracks
Tracks on the left list (source tracks) must be send through the result list of the "Query" section.
Once the folder where the files to tag is selected, check the desired tracks to tag and use the "Save from Tag list" feature.

Tag selected files from detail panel
Select files to tag on the "files to tag" list on the right side, then check/uncheck the desired fields on the Detail panel on the right upper corner.
Is it also possible to use a custom image cover by clicking the picture and load an image from a local path

Rename feature

How to rename files using its tag
Select the files to rename and type the desired pattern using the special commands show above the pattern field.
It is possible to use suggested masks present in the relative combo

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