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Audio Pitch & Shift is currently discontinued.
If you like this project, take a look to its new cousin, Impulse Media Player, the latest media player which offers a new stunning and skinnable GUI powered by latest Windows technology

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"Whenever you need to modify the speed of an audio track without affecting the pitch or change the pitch without affecting the speed, then you may rely on this handy, neat and effective utility.
Audio Pitch & Shift is also free." editor team

Audio Pitch & Shift Overview

Audio Pitch & Shift is a complete audio player intended to be useful for musicians who wants to slow down or change the pitch of the music.

Audio Pitch & Shift running under Windows OS


Web Service Search

Tagger & Rename

- Change speed of music without affecting pitch
- Change pitch (in semitones) of music without affecting speed
- BPM Detection
- Distortion, Chorus, Flanger, Echo and Reverb FX (DirectX 8 required)
- Loop mode
- Convert local or remote stream with selected speed, pitch and fx to MP3, WMA, WAV format
- Supported files extension: mp3, ogg, wav, mp2, mp1, aiff, m2a, mpa, m1a, mpg, mpeg, aif, mp3pro, bwf, mus, wma, wmv, aac, adts, mp4, m4a, m4b, mod, mo3, s3m, xm, it, mtm, umx, mdz, s3z, itz, xmz, cda, flac, wma, wmv, aac, adts, mp4, m4a, m4b, mpc, mpp, mp+
- Internet radio streams support
- Playlist management
- Search Artist, Album, or Song from LastFM or MusicBrainz database
- Tag files using music db or manually
- Rename files / folder using selected tag's files
- Automatically check for version updates

framework .NET 4
Windows 32 / 64 bit


Softoxi awards Top Software Awards and Verified Certification

Softpedia certification



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Say thanks to
Ian and Radio42 of un4seen forum for all the help provided

Bass Audio
File Association in C#
File Browser
Taglib Sharp

Audio Pitch & Shift is a free open source project that is developed in personal time. You can show your appreciation for Audio Pitch & Shift and support future development by donating.



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